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Are your children ready to venture into the digital world? Or already lost in a world of selfies and Snapchat? If you’re keen to ensure that your children navigate social sites sensibly and safely, then educating them early is key. I offer informal, fun and friendly sessions for families in the comfort of your own home.

Children find social technologies enticing and appealing; parents find them overwhelming and unnerving. It doesn’t have to be that way for parents. You can equip your children with the knowledge and skills they need to reap all the benefits of digital technologies whilst staying secure.

During my interactive and fun family sessions we will cover everything from Fortnite to Fake News. Building awareness of online bullying, stranger danger and using social sites responsibly. Your children will come away ready to make healthy and positive choices online.

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"Anna’s knowledge of social media is vast. She was fabulous at giving feedback, insight and tips on my accounts. I won’t hesitate to recommend her."

— Christiane Gul

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